Lindner Recyclingtech: How the C-parts get to the workplace by themselves

Kai von Buddenbrock, CEO of Bossard Austria and Peter Reiter, Procurement Manager at Lindner Recyclingtech ©Melzer PR Group

Lindner Recyclingtech relies on a last mile logistics system from Bossard International. How the Carinthian company saves time by using an automated C-parts supply system.  

Lindner Recyclingtech, based in Spittal an der Drau, is internationally knownfor its shredding machines, which it supplies tocustomers in over 90 countries. The production site in Carinthia covers 14,000 square meters. In order to keep internal processes as lean as possible, the responsible persons opted to use SmartBin, developed by the Bossard Group. Smartbin isa fully automatic scale system that has been specifically engineered to adapt to respective demands in production and is able toreorder stocks itself. Smartbin enables the paperlesssupply of the required C-parts to each work station in the production hall. Bossard, one of the world leading names in the supply and technology of C-parts, is not only responsible for the entire ordering process for the essential small parts, but also providesa large proportion of the components itself.

No more delays

Founded in 1948 as a machine and plant manufacturer for the wood industry, the Lindner family business is now managed by Manuel Lindner in the third generation. The company currently employs 350 people and has subsidiaries in Germany, the USA and Asia. According to Lindner, the collaboration with Bossard has contributed to process optimization and productivity in assembly: “In recent years, we have been intensively looking into automation and digitization technologies in order to free up resources and, of course, save costs in the long term,” says Peter Reiter, Procurement Manager at Lindner Recyclingtech. “It saves us time and employees no longer have to travel long distances, which has a very positive effect on productivity.” – The Bossard system is now in use at both Lindner production sites in Spittal and Feistritz.

900 positions brought to the workplace fully automatically

Intelligent C-parts management has become increasingly important in the manufacturing industry in recent years, confirms Kai von Buddenbrock, Managing Director of Bossard in Austria: “Although the smallest parts make up only a minimal part of the value added, they account for almost 80 percent in terms of volume. Accordingly, they take up a lot of time in day-to-day business that should really be used elsewhere.” Bossard now supplies Lindner Recyclingtech with 900 different items, which are delivered fully automatically to the workstations in the production hall.

AI for the individual adaptation of the demand

The SmartBin C-parts management system used at Lindner is an intelligent logistics system that reliably monitors C-parts inventories and automatically orders replenishments. “When a predefined limit is reached, the order is triggered automatically and does not have to be placed manually in a cumbersome manner,” von Buddenbrock continues. “The SmartBin system is a combination of conventional bins for small parts with specially developed weight sensors. It works with artificial intelligence to adapt to the needs of each workplace and increase or decrease bin inventory accordingly.”

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