New energy sources will form the basis for new drive systems

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Geringer, President of the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers. © Klaus Ranger

“The main issue in the energy debate is how to get away from fossil fuels.   This is true both for private transport and heavy goods transport”, says Bernhard Geringer, President of the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers, who will be welcoming automobile industry CEOs and experts from around the world to the 44th International Vienna Motor Symposium from 26 to 28 April 2023: “More than 80 percent of primary energy worldwide still comes from fossil sources. How can we change that? On the one hand, we need new strategic solution approaches as to where and how we can best generate and store ‘green energy’ and, on the other, we need to exploit efficiency increases to the full.” 

The International Vienna Motor Symposium focuses on the parallel existence of drive systems – i.e. the electric motor and the regeneratively powered internal combustion engine – and energy sources, storage systems, and converters, such as e-fuels, hydrogen, batteries and fuel cells: More than 70 high-ranking speakers from the world of science, the automobile industry and its suppliers are expected at the event, presenting a wide range of innovations from the industry to almost 1,000 participants from over 25 nations who will be attending the event. This high-level lecture programme will be accompanied by a trade fair, exhibiting the latest technologies and developments from automobile makers and their suppliers.

One of the major topics of the symposium will be the energy transition and its consequences for the automobile industry. The issue of sustainability will be keeping the industry on its toes for the years to come: “In the case of vehicles, the debate over individual drive systems is not conducive at all. Whether it’s hydrogen, oil, or electricity, the real question should be ‘where does the energy come from and are these sources sustainable?’ We need to solve the problem of the energy chain. We can only do so by joining forces”, Geringer adds. “I am very happy we were able to secure high-ranking speakers for the coming symposium, like Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung or VW Board Member Thomas Schmall, who have been involved in the energy transition in the automobile industry for years. They will give us insights into the latest developments in the European market, and explain how the energy issue can be compatible with the next generation of vehicle models in view of the European climate goals.” 

All speakers will attempt to take a strategic look into the future for their respective specialised areas. Speakers focusing on developments in the international markets will include Tata Motors Board Member Shailesh Chandra and Hyundai Mobis CEO Sung Hwan Cho.

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