Vienna Center for Management Innovation inaugurated

Founder Richard Straub, President Global Peter Drucker Forum. © xBN

Relevant from the get-go: the new Vienna Center for Management Innovation (VCMI) has just opened in Vienna’s 9th district. Here, leading management thinkers from all over the world will be able to tackle current management challenges in their research projects (so called Topic Leadership Circles) in order to turn their learnings into applicable business practices.

The ambitious goal of the institute is to help solve the massive challenges of today’s world in collaboration. To achieve this, the institute conducts a community-based management. It enjoys the support of a large number of international professionals and thinkers that have already embarked to collaborate on this task.

The VCMI recently celebrated its opening. Founder Dr. Richard Straub and keynote speakers Prof. Gary Hamel (“Humanocracy”) and Mehran Gul (World Economic Forum) were joined at the celebration by Alex Adamopoulos (CEO of Emergn), Santiago Iniguez (President of IE University), Johan Roos (President of Hult International Business and Chair of the Topic Leadership Circle on Digital Humanism), Julia Kirby (Harvard University Press), Rick Goings (Chairman Emeritus of Tupperware Brands Corporation), Curt Carlson (NE University and former Director of the Stanford Research Institute/SRI), Wilfried Stadler (publisher of Die Furche), Laurent Choain (Mazars Group), Hans Stoisser (Ecotec) and Isabella Mader (xBN Publisher, and Co-Chair of VCMI’s Topic Leadership Circle on Risk, Uncertainty & Complexity together with Stefan Pickl of the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich).

VCMI is also the host organization of the Global Peter Drucker Forum (, also founded by Richard Straub. It will take place for the 14th time on November 17-18, 2022 and will again bring a large number of internationally renowned speakers from business, government and academia to the Hofburg in Vienna.

Learn more about the activities and goals of VCMI here:

Alex Adamopoulos (CEO of Emergn), Johan Roos (President of Hult International Business) and Santiago Iniguez (President of IE University). @ Drucker Forum
Santiago Iniguez, Präsident der prestigeträchtigen IE University, Madrid @ Drucker Forum
Johan Roos and Richard Straub @ xBN
@ Drucker Forum
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